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Posted on Facebook. April 27, 2015

"NYC actor friends! I just finished a coaching with the incomparable Katherine Pecevich for a regional theatre audition I have coming up and it was seriously amazing! She's fantastic and ridiculously affordable! HIRE HER!"

Text from August 26, 2016

"What do the kids say, slay? Yes that's right. I just SLAYED that audition. They laughed a lot and I felt great. Thank you again, for kicking my butt yesterday! Amazing amazing session. I look forward to Face booking about it when I book."

-Amanda Bruton, Queens

February, 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for coaching me on the Madam Secretary sides. I got called to Mark Saks office three times since and I just had a callback yesterday for an upcoming episode. You're amazing!!!"

-Monna Sabouri, NYC

August, 2016

"Kathy is an incredible talent and an amazing acting coach. She really knows how to help me take my work to the next level and her honest, no nonsense approach is so refreshing in this biz. She always finds a way to get me to dig to the deepest parts of myself and bring out my best work, no matter the material. I have coached with her on many occasions, both acting sides and songs, and will continue to do so as long as she'll have me as a student. I feel very fortunate to have her in my corner and highly recommend working with her. You will not be disappointed."

-Gina Ricci, NYC

August, 2016

"Kathy is a fantastic person to work with!! Besides being incredibly talented, she's very motivational. She reminds you what it means to be an actor, why we love acting, and what it takes to convey the part like you are truly living it at that moment. I was rejuvenated after working with her and can't wait to work with her again!!"

-Anna Laura Strider, NYC

August 2016

"Kat or "KitKat" as I like to call her is one of the most exceptionally talented coaches out there. She stretches you to really dig deep into the character that you are looking to portray and to make the work "count". 

She is whole heartedly on your side and pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of. 

Exceptional, talented and an amazing coach!

Study with this woman!!!!!"

-Debra Toscano, NYC

August 2016

"Kathy is such an incredible coach! She creates a safe, warm, and productive working environment which allows you to really hone your skills. She will keep you in check and hold you accountable when it comes to truly capturing and portraying a character.

The bulk of my training has been as a dancer so I am more familiar with protray emotion through movement, Kathy has worked with me and allowed me a way to capture a character's thoughts/feelings/intentions that makes sense to me as an individual.

I am so grateful to her for all she has taught me thus far and I cannot wait to continue working with her!"

-Tim Capodice Johnson, NYC

Posted on Facebook - May 10, 2016

"Thank you!!!! I adore working with you. Thank you for all of that gold!"

Posted on Facebook - May 11 2016

"I nailed it today. I felt super confident with my choices. I didn't get a chance to see any footage - but it felt right. Thank you so much. I can't wait to work with you again. It was perfect."

Cat Yates, Brooklyn

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