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" astonishingly talented comedienne, Pecevich is so damned good. She is spot on every time. Indefatigable, charming, pee-your-pants funny, and a terrific singer, Pecevich just shines. I was a fan before having seen and reviewed her in several shows, but now I am officially in love."  

Reviewed by Gail M. Burns

"Katherine Pecevich pops on stage in wig and costume of the more than two dozen characters she portrays. Her delivery, timing, and antics establish her as one of the most versatile actor/singers you will ever encounter."

Reviewed by Herbert Wolff

WAMC/Northeast Public Radio

"...the incredible Katherine Pecevich. This woman can take a grey day and turn it into pure sunshine. She sings everything from Wagner to country music and even turns in a more than reasonable impression of Janis Joplin. As a character actress...her talents have never been put to more frenetic use and her ability to switch characters on a dime, or something smaller, is sure and fine and continually baffles and mystifies while amusing and amusing and amusing." 

Reviewed by J. Peter Bergman

More reviews coming soon!- Still under construction.
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